At first my parents were very hesitant selling the house with a realtor however Sebastien changed their mindset after our first meeting. He is a very good listener and honest about every little detail throughout the process. He is an amazing realtor (also very friendly& trustworthy)! I definitely recommend Sebastien Terrisse.

Abtehal Saleha

Sebastien was very helpful in my first house purchase. He takes the effort and time to understand exactly what kind of home an individual is interested in. He will guide you through the entire house shopping adventure. Sebastien is a good listener and is very knowledgeable. As a first-time buyer, I had many questions, which he guided me in the right path and taught me a lot during the whole journey. He is always there to help you, is passionate about his career, has a very strong drive and motivation to help his client get a great home. I would for sure work with Sebastien in my future home purchases and would strongly recommend him.

Rajithan Siva

Sebastien was very helpful and patient with our home purchase. As first time buyers we were super hesitant and weren’t sure what we wanted but he helped us and now we are very happy. We strongly recommend him, you won’t be disappointed!

Belinda Amadu

Sebastien was a great help and a steadfast companion and advisor, providing guidance and support over the year and a half that it took us to find the perfect home (our first). Very approachable, responsive, and fair minded, I never felt rushed or pressured in any way. It was a great experience. Thank you Seb!

Jordi Montblanch